Do you have a LinkedIn profile? These days, it’s hard to find someone without a profile and network on LinkedIn. Many college business classes now require students to create their own LinkedIn profile to showcase their achievements and begin to grow their professional network.

Whether you are looking for a new job or you feel that your profile is a bit outdated, you’ll find our suggestions ensure that your page reflects the best of your professional self.


LinkedIn was built for networking! If you’re already on LinkedIn you probably are already connected with at least some current and former coworkers and personal acquaintances. There’s no time like the present to begin or continue growing those connections.

If you’re in a position that does business with other industry professionals, focus on growing your industry network in your local market. This will help keep you aware of local activity and trends. It also gives you the opportunity to build your personal brand by becoming an industry thought leader – especially helpful for those in sales.

If you’re in the market for a new job, or will be in the future, you might want to start connecting with local recruiters. Doing so can give you an idea of available positions and who best to contact when the job search time comes.

When you reach out to connect with someone new send a pleasant introductory note. Going above and beyond can make the difference when it comes to a new connection or future job opportunity.

Keep Your Profile Up-To-Date

Keeping your profile up-to-date (and historically accurate) can involve a few different elements:

  • Profile picture
  • Contact information
  • Current position and employer
  • Professional achievements and certifications
  • Volunteer experience
  • Skills
  • Education

Keeping in mind the career growth you are targeting can help define what you highlight. If your profile picture is from your senior photos or a photo you quickly snapped, it might be time to update! If you still have your lifeguard job from when you were in high school on your profile, it might be time to take that down.

Ask for Personal Recommendations (& Leave Them for Others)

Having positive recommendations on your profile, like personal reference letters, can make a big impact on a hiring manager. Both giving and receiving recommendations enhances the credibility of your LinkedIn profile. And, LinkedIn makes it easy to request a recommendation. Simply navigate to the ‘Recommendations’ section on your profile page, and select ‘Ask for a recommendation’ to get started.

Engage in a Professional Manner

When you post and engage on LinkedIn, utilize the space to showcase your professional abilities. Although LinkedIn is categorized as a social site, it isn’t Facebook, Instagram or otherwise. LinkedIn was created to build up your professional network, connect you to companies and jobs and be a place where you can gain and give professional advice.

You never know who might be viewing your profile and posts, so strive to keep your presence positive and professional.

Lastly, remember that building an awesome LinkedIn profile isn’t going to happen overnight. It takes time to grow your network and engage in a meaningful way. However, if you stick with it, you WILL get there!

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