When you work with a staffing agency you are still engaging in an interview with potential employers. Likely, you will be asked to provide a resume, and sometimes a cover letter, when you apply for a job. You will go through an application process, a phone screen and an interview.

Staffing agency recruiters are on your side and want you to succeed. They work hard to be a great resource for their candidates during the application process and beyond. So, are you ready to be a stand-out candidate? Here are five of our favorite ways:

1. Be up front and honest.

When interviewing with a recruiter, be honest about your work experience and your expectations and desires for your next job. Are you only available for a short period of time? Do you have one specific industry you are targeting? Are you only available to work on certain days? Be up front and honest about these things with your recruiter. Doing so allows your recruiter to match you with the right potential jobs from the start.

2. Keep an open mind.

Even if your goal is a full-time permanent position, be open to temporary or contract positions. Sometimes these positions can turn into a full-time gig. You might get your foot in the door with a company that would otherwise be out of reach. Being willing to work a short-term contract also sets you apart from candidates that told the recruiter no. Remember, your recruiter will be your advocate when they are presenting you for a new job. If the short-term role doesn’t lead to a permanent position your recruiter will continue to help find work for you.

3. Follow up in a timely manner.

If you are receiving an email or phone call about a potential job from a recruiter, chances are so are others. Recruiters work hard to please their candidates and their clients by matching the right applicants for the job, and doing it quickly. If a recruiter can’t get in touch with you, or if you don’t return their calls or emails, they may assume you are no longer interested in working with their agency or that you have found a job on your own.

4. Be a good communicator.

Just as recruiters expect you to get back to them in a timely manner, they expect and appreciate good communication. Many candidates use “good communicator” on their resume and while chatting in an interview. The best way to prove this is to follow up with your actions. If you have found a job on your own send a quick email to your recruiter to thank them for their effort and let them know you will no longer need their services. This can go a long way — especially if you find yourself in need of a staffing resource in the future. Making yourself known as a good communicator is a great way to advocate for yourself and show off your reliability.

5. Be prepared to work.

When you get that coveted assignment or first day email, please read it. Then read it again. Make sure you know where you need to go, what time you need to report to your position, and what you need to wear. If you have questions, be sure to communicate them to your recruiter after receiving and reading your instructional email. A new employee who fails to read instructions or ask questions before their first day may find it more difficult to succeed in that position.

Remember, your recruiter wants to help you succeed in your career. You can also help yourself succeed by being intentional about being a great candidate. Keeping our five tips in mind will help you do that. Learn more about working with a Resource Staffing Group recruiter by clicking here.

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