If you are new to navigating remote work, or perhaps would like to brush up on your virtual office tips, we have the resources for you.

There are various virtual platforms that companies are using to connect. If you are invited to a virtual interview, or if your team has recently gone remote, take time to go through the platform and learn the ins and outs of it so you can navigate a call efficiently and effectively.

Additionally, make sure you are have tested out your internet connection, microphone, video connection, and battery so you are ready and able to focus on your meeting.

Create a distraction free workspace. Pick a workspace that doesn’t have a lot going on in the background to keep you focused and on task. If there are others home in your household during your working hours, find a room or space that doesn’t have a view of people walking by, the noise from the TV, etc.

Your desk at work may be optimized ergonomically, but your new home office is likely not. Set up your workspace to best fit your ergonomic needs and make sure you are taking breaks to walk, stretch and take your eyes off of the screen.

Regardless of your current or new virtual work situation, continue to put your best foot forward. If you are interested in additional resources, read our blogs regarding your job search, how to set career goals or how to stay motivated. And as always, contact us to learn more about our opportunities today!

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