Graduates of 2020: Congratulations! You not only finished a pivotal chapter in your educational career, but you have conquered this goal in uncharted waters. Now that you have submitted your final projects, closed your laptops and celebrated with your friends and family, it’s time to look towards the next chapter! That’s where we come in: as your staffing experts, the team here at Resource Staffing Group has composed a list of networking tips to assist you in your job search.

Be clear about your goal

What industry or position are you targeting? Do you have a specific company in mind that you’d like to learn more about? Make a list for yourself and be clear about your goals when you are networking.

Look to your circle

You parents, aunts and uncles, family friends, mentors and teachers are a great place to begin when you are starting your networking journey. These people already know you, have stake in you and want to help you succeed. Ask them for connections to colleagues or others within their network.

Be flexible

Be flexible regarding what works for the other person to meet. Whether that means you meet them at their office for coffee, or virtually during their lunch hour, or perhaps you meet them for a walk in the park after work; remember they are taking time out of their day to invest in you.

Take contract/temporary/project based work

If you are looking for summer work or want to dip your feet into a specific industry, working with a staffing agency to find temporary, freelance or project work is a great way to connect with and learn from people in that industry.

Follow up

Send a thank you note. Thank the individual who connected you and thank the person who took the time to meet with you. Did they have any additional connections or leads for you? Make sure you put a reminder in your calendar to reach out to them again to follow up on that. As you keep the conversation going, you will stay front of mind.

If you are interested in learning more about networking and connecting to a job through Resource Staffing Group, please contact us here!

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