March 8th is International Women’s Day. We’re taking this opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate the hardworking women we know. Recognizing International Women’s Day feels especially important to us as we are a woman led company. To celebrate all of the hardworking women in our staffing industry and elsewhere, we are sitting down with Resource Staffing Group’s President, Jennie Taylor.

Tell us about your experience and your journey to working with Resource Staffing Group/NW Staffing?

After graduating from Oregon State University, I worked a few years in customer service and outside sales for different industries.  I started working for NW Staffing over 20 years ago as an Account Executive in our Vancouver branch.  Working for Resource Staffing Group/NW Staffing was like nothing I had ever done before.  I was touring companies in different industries daily, learning about their products, services they provided, how we could assist them with their staffing.  Everyday was different and I loved learning about how different companies operated.

What has made you pursue a career in staffing?

Early in my career with NW Staffing I was fortunate to hear from some of our associates what the impact was of their job placement.  Whether it meant they were able to gain custody of their children, assist family with higher education costs, or work at an organization that values their input – the start was their placement through NW Staffing.  Hearing those stories and knowing that we assisted in a small way by creating those opportunities make every day worthwhile.

What are three things you love most about working in staffing? What are three things that feel challenging about working in staffing?

Three things I love about working in staffing:  Working with great people, learning about different businesses, having an impact on the lives of people we place.

Three things that are challenging about working in staffing:  Economic swings, employment laws and attracting and retaining great people.

What advice would you give to someone coming out of college looking for a job?

Hopefully they have had the opportunity to work while in school or summer breaks.  Employers value the skills gained through work experience – customer service, reliability, adaptability, integrity.  I can’t overstate the value of networking.  Talk to friends, family, staffing agencies and ask about what their company does, what type of positions do they have, what skills are most important.

Take time to learn something about the company you are talking to – be able to ask good questions.  Employers are going to invest time and resources training you.  Giving the energy to take advantage of that investment will go a long way to assure future opportunities are available to you.

What’s some of the best advice you’ve received from someone else about work, careers etc.?

Find something you enjoy doing, do it with people you respect.  If you are able to do that, it won’t feel like work.  Listen.  Life is about the journey, so listen and continue to learn all the way through.

What do you love doing in your free time?

I started playing tennis again a few years ago and that has challenged me and allowed me to meet some great people.  Travel has always been a priority and a joy for my family.  We love the time together and the opportunity to see new places and meet different people.

What is one personal goal you have for yourself in 2020? What is a goal you have for the company and employees of Resource Staffing Group/NW Staffing?

There are more than a few business books I have on my bedside table – I’d like to read a few of them.  I am so thankful for the brilliant individuals out there that are willing to share their insights so that I can learn from their experiences.

My goal for Resource Staffing Group/NW Staffing is to increase opportunities for our employees to learn, be challenged and grow.

Thank you for celebrating International Women’s Day with us!

If you are interested in working with our company, we’d love to hear from you! Please contact us to learn more about our opportunities for both job seekers and employers.

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