We talk a lot about safety at NW Staffing Resources. From our monthly safety committee meetings to our mandatory worksite evaluations for any clients that we work with, we understand that safety on the job not only gives employees peace of mind but ensures that daily tasks run smoothly. There are many different work environments out there: from home offices to co-working spaces to warehouses, each place presents its own types of hazards. If you don’t have a safety committee or procedures, here are three things you can do to get started in building safety practices into your business model.

1.Ensure that all new employees understand and feel comfortable with the physical requirements of their positions and potential hazards in your workplace.

To do this, analyze each position in your company to identify key physical requirements and possible hazards associated with the work. Physical requirements should be laid out clearly in your job descriptions and job postings. Then, once you have taken all possible measures to reduce or remove the hazards in your worksite, look to protect the employees through safety orientations, training, and personal protective equipment.

2.Take the time to develop a written Accident Prevention Program.

A written Accident Prevention Program can serve as a type of safety manual so that all employees can easily access information if they have a safety related question, concern, or situation arise.

3.Create a safety committee within your workplace or team.

This committee is established to ensure that hazards are quickly identified and that the company’s safety policies and procedures are successfully communicated to all levels of the organization. A strong safety committee will help to get your employees involved in the safety programs and create a culture of safety in your company.

Creating safe practices for your work environment gives you the ability to have peace of mind and plans in place if/when concerns arise. Connect with your team today to start putting these practices in place.

We hope these tips help to establish and secure safety at your workplace. If you are in need of staff for your workplace, please contact us here to connect with the branch that is closest to you.

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