At Resource Staffing Group, we believe that staffing agencies are meant to be a resource and business partner for their clients. If we are not making your job easier, then we aren’t doing our job right.

Whether you need temporary staff coverage or a seasonal workforce, want to evaluate the fit of an employee over time before committing to hire, or are ready to hire now and want help identifying your next great team member, we can help. And, if you’re looking for a long-term partner to assist with your hiring process and shorten your to-do list, we’re here for you.

If you haven’t partnered with a staffing agency in the past, below you’ll find an introduction to our process. This should help you decide whether a staffing agency is the right resource for your company. As always, we welcome you to contact us with any questions you may have.

We start by identifying your unique staffing need.

When you reach out to chat with us, one of the first things we’ll likely ask is for information on the type and duration of your hiring need. Are you looking for direct placement, temporary-to-hire or temporary staffing services? We like to know how long you anticipate needing a candidate, as we work with candidates who are looking for everything from a short-term gig to a placement where they can settle in with the company long-term. Providing this information up front helps us serve you most efficiently and effectively.

Direct Placement (or direct hire) allows a company to focus on their business while we focus on identification of top talent – sourced and from within our existing talent pool – who are highly qualified and a great company fit, with the goal of long-term employee retention.

Temporary-to-Hire (or contract-to-hire) placements are mutually beneficial, allowing companies and candidates to evaluate position fit prior to hire, typically over a period of 13 weeks.

Temporary (or contract) staffing ranges in length, and typically covers things like peak workload seasons, time-bound projects and events, or short-term absences due to staff PTO, vacation, or medical leave.

Staffing agencies cover a wide range of industries and positions. Here at Resource Staffing Group, we typically staff positions in Administrative / Clerical, Financial / Accounting, Light Industrial, and Customer Service / Contact Center, and we specialize in placements for the Dental field. If the position you’re looking to fill isn’t in our wheelhouse we’re happy to steer you in the direction of other agencies that can serve you best.

Next, we get to know you and your company.

Something that makes Resources Staffing Group stand out from other staffing agencies is our commitment to building long-lasting relationships with both our clients and our associates.

Each new client is partnered with a local Account Executive who will walk you through the staffing and hiring process and answer questions that come up along the way. At the start of the relationship your Account Executive will likely ask to meet you in person and tour your office or facility space to get a sense of your culture, candidate desires, and to do a facility safety walkthrough.

In addition to your local branch staff you’ll have a corporate team – our Service Group – supporting you from behind the scenes. Although you may never meet those folks, know that they’re on your side as well.

Then, we’ll get to work finding the right candidate.

Once we understand your need and have an accurate job description and a timeline of when you’d like to make your hire, our recruiters get to work screening and vetting potential candidates. For candidate sourcing we rely on our existing talent pool, job boards, and referrals from current RSG associates.

You can rest assured knowing that we thoroughly screen all candidates in our talent pipeline. Candidates provide three work-related references (and yes, we actually call them!), and, depending on your hiring needs, candidates can be run through a background check, given a drug screen, and complete skills testing. Through our computer skills-testing provider we can thoroughly assess a wide variety of skills, with access to hundreds of up-to-date tests.

Depending on position type and duration, some clients prefer that we vet and send candidates to start with them right away. Those clients are often prioritizing filling multiple of the same open position, as quickly as possible. If this is the case, we’ll provide candidate overviews, including a short bio and/or resume reflecting relevant job experience.

Clients looking for a long-term placement typically will hold interviews with several pre-screened candidates that we send them. If this is the case, we’ll provide you with comprehensive candidate profiles prior to your interviews. You’ll be able to directly compare candidates to make the right hire.

The final step is candidate placement – and beyond.

Once the right candidate is identified for your position, we provide them with everything they need to know for a successful first day. We’ll let them know where to go and who to check in with. We’ll remind them of your parking situation and dress code as well as instruct them on how and when to input their hours worked. If you’ve hired a remote associate we’ll coordinate a successful virtual workplace. Our goal is always to make the process as seamless as possible for you.

At the end of the first week of employment we’ll conduct a first week check with both you and our placed associate to ensure that the match is right, and things are going smoothly. The information that we’ll ask for will help facilitate early placement success.

After that, depending on the length and nature of the assignment we’ll continue to conduct ongoing quality and performance checks with associate supervisors. Associate soft and technical skills, performance, quality of work and relevant knowledge will be covered during these check-ins.

Should performance coaching be necessary we’ll handle it. And, in the unfortunate incidence that the associate just isn’t the right fit, we’re happy to have the conversation with them and end their assignment, while finding you a replacement. Our job is to make your job easier – it’s that simple.

When assisting our clients our main goal is to make your hiring process easier and more efficient – our flexible employment services are designed to fit your specific employment requirements. A thorough understanding of your company’s unique hiring needs allows us to make the best fit both for you and our associate. We take pride in our long-lasting relationships with our clients and associates, and take care to respect and advocate for both.

If you’re ready to get the hiring process started, and a staffing agency feels like a good fit for your needs, we would love to talk! Contact us today to connect with an Account Executive.


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