Now, perhaps more than ever, job seekers are turning to staffing agencies to help them with their job search. Why is that? Because staffing agencies have connections with local employers looking to fill jobs immediately. Beyond that most basic fact, working with a recruiter provides numerous benefits that will improve your job search experience.

Whether you’re searching for a temporary job to earn extra income, seasonal work while you’re on summer break, or the career of your dreams, our recruiters are here to help. Our job placements can help you gain industry experience, provide valuable experience for your resume, and allow you the flexibility for the lifestyle that you choose.

If you haven’t worked with a staffing agency in the past, below you’ll find a brief overview of our process. As you read through, should you have any questions we welcome you to contact us.

Before you get started, know what type of position you are ready to commit to.

Staffing agencies partner with employers (our clients) to help fill positions that offer a range of weekly schedules and overall durations.

You’ll likely be asked what type of position you are open to working. Are you open to either part-time and full-time work? Do you prefer an overnight schedule or an 8a-5p? Letting your recruiter know what positions and durations you are open to working will help them to tailor the opportunities they send your way.

You should be familiar with these terms: temporary, temporary-to-hire, and direct placement.

Temporary (or contract) positions last for a pre-defined length of time – usually a few days or weeks, sometimes longer. You might be hired in a temporary role for a seasonal need, to cover a leave of absence, or as extra support during a time-bound project. Working temporary jobs offers a flexible schedule that is ideal for many people.

Temporary-to-Hire (or contract-to-hire) positions are mutually beneficial, allowing candidates and companies to evaluate position fit prior to hire, typically over a period of 13 weeks. Temporary-to-hire positions can be a great way to get your foot in the door with a new company and in a new industry.

Direct Placement (or direct hire) positions lead to a candidate being placed directly on the payroll of the hiring company. If you’re looking for a career move in your current industry direct placement opportunities are a great reason to reach out to a staffing agency. Through your recruiter you’ll have access to positions that may not be advertised anywhere else.

Staffing agencies cover a wide range of industries and positions. Here at Resource Staffing Group, we typically staff positions in Administrative / Clerical, Financial / Accounting, Light Industrial, and Customer Service / Contact Center, and we specialize in placements for the Dental field. If the position you’re looking for isn’t in our wheelhouse we’re happy to steer you in the direction of other agencies that can serve you best.

Benefits: Resource Staffing Group temporary employees (“associates”) are employed through us, remaining on our payroll. Our associates are offered industry-leading benefits, which you can learn about here. Direct placement candidates are employed through the hiring company, and will receive benefits offered through that employer.

The process begins with your application and resume.

You can get started working with us in a variety of ways: Find an open job and submit an application; Submit an application without applying for a specific job; Contact us to connect with a recruiter.

A recruiter will require your application and resume for your file with us. Once you are in our system you’ll be able to easily apply for open positions as they become available.

Your resume will eventually be sent on your behalf to potential employers. So, before handing over your resume make sure that you’ve recently reviewed it and that it’s up to date. Is your personal information – including home address and contact phone number – accurate? Have you listed your complete education and job history? Having a polished resume before contacting a recruiter will save you time in your job search. (Read our resume-writing tips here)

Next, we’ll get to know you and your career goals.

The next step is an in-depth interview with a recruiter. Be prepared to discuss your education and job history and accomplishments, your salary requirements, and your career goals. This will allow your recruiter to determine which job opportunities to connect you with.

Your recruiter will be a resource for help with improving your resume, locating resources for skill-building, and answering your questions as they come up.

If we don’t have an open position that matches your needs your recruiter will continue to search on your behalf. We can typically match a candidate with an opportunity in a matter of weeks, at most.

Next steps after opportunity identification.

Once we’ve identified an opportunity that is a match for your skills and goals, the next steps depend on the process of our client. You may go on to interview with the hiring employer directly, or you may be offered the job and placed immediately – sometimes the next day!

As you move forward in your new position your recruiter will stay in touch. They will perform ongoing check-ins with you and your supervisor, to ensure that the placement is right. Remember, your recruiter wants you to succeed. Be sure to keep up with communication!

When assisting candidates our main goal is to make the job search process easier and better – we want you to find the best fit. A thorough understanding of your unique background and skills allows us to do that. We take pride in our long-lasting relationships with our associates and clients, and take care to respect and advocate for both.

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