In interviews, your job is to convince a potential employer you have the skills, knowledge, and experience for the job. When you can relate to a recruiter or interviewer, you’re closer to procuring an offer to interview or for employment. As soon as you are offered an interview, there are steps you can take before your interview to help lock down your new position.


Get to know as much as you possibly can about the company you will be interviewing with. Your recruiter from NW Staffing will give you the basic facts, but you should look into this employer more. Scan the firm’s website to see what the company highlights as achievements and values. These are to find great topics of conversation during the interview.

Prepare responses

If you had a gap on your resume, prepare a response to explain what you were doing. If there are questions that you think you’ll be asked, write out your best answer. Preparation can make answers flow easily and help you to land your next temporary employment position or full-time role.

Plan what to wear

Wear clothes that are professional, neat and clean.

Read the job description

Look at the responsibilities from the job description. Think of ways that your responsibilities from previous positions can serve as relevant experience.

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