You’ve made it to the next steps of the dental associate interview process! Even with all your education, resume preparation, and job searches, you will probably still be feeling nervous about this part. After all, this could make or break your chances for the job.

First things first; get to know the company. Read about their background, know how they operate, even follow their social media pages. Then, consider doing some mock interviews with friends or family. Here are some of the top questions a hiring manager might ask:

1. What interested you in our dental group?

  • This is a chance to show off your knowledge of the group and what they offer in comparison to other local groups. You’ll be glad you know their history, their practices, and their specialties.

2. Have you been part of a dental group before?

  • Use this question to highlight your job experience. If this is your first interview as a dental associate, express your enthusiasm for the field and how you worked hard to get to this point.

3. How do you handle problems within a group?

  • If this is your first dental group, think back to a time when you worked with others in a group setting and glean examples from that. Have several instances readily available to share your group problem solving.

4. If you fall behind in your schedule, how do you adjust?

  • This is an important question. It has several areas you can address. You will get behind in your schedule; it is inevitable. Patients are late, consultations take longer than expected, and you may run into other issues that create a delay.

5. Are you a team player?

  • Be ready to back up your answer with examples of you see yourself working within a team.

6. How will you position yourself for success within our group?

  • This is the time to mention educational classes you plan to take, leadership roles you want to work towards, and an overall desire to be the best within the group.

7. Where do you see yourself in 3 years?

  • There are no guarantees but the hiring team would like to know you don’t plan on using their practice as a launch pad where you gain a lot of experience, befriend great staff members, and then start your own dental group.

While these are just some of the questions you might get asked, keep in mind this is your time to shine. Brag a bit on your accomplishments and let your personality shine through. Let them see how you would fit into their group as well as determine for yourself if it is a good fit.

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