During these challenging times, more people are turning to staffing agencies to help them with their job search. If you find yourself reaching out to a staffing agency for the first time, here are some helpful tips to know what to expect.

Have your resume polished and ready to go.

A recruiter will ask for your resume to have on file and to send on your behalf to potential employers. You will want to make sure your resume is updated with your current information as well as your latest positions.

Know what type of position you are ready to commit to.

You may be asked what type of position you are open to working. Staffing agencies partner with employers to help fill a multitude of positions. You might hear the terms: contract or temporary positions, temporary-to-hire, or direct hire. Letting your recruiter know what position and duration you are open to working will help them to tailor the opportunities they send your way.

Stay in touch.

Keep communication open and clear. Know that in some cases recruiters may be working on deadlines with companies to fill positions, so the sooner you can get back to them the better it is for your job search.

Interested in working with a staffing agency and want to learn more? Head to our contact us page to connect with our recruiters. Or, search our available positions here.

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