When it comes to choosing an effective staffing partner, a local, regional agency like Resource Staffing Group can offer several benefits versus a national agency. Below we share the differentiators that give our services the competitive edge.

Our team are industry and local market experts

Resource Staffing Group and NW Staffing Resources have been serving West Coast companies since 1985. Our leadership team is comprised of many tenured staffing industry experts. Our branch office teams across the Sacramento and Portland metro areas stay up-to-date with the latest local employment trends. That knowledge helps us serve you better, and we’re always happy to share it with you.

Our established talent network provides faster access to high-quality candidates (who often aren’t on the job market for long). Our tenured recruiters have relationships with both active and passive candidates (employed or unemployed, but not actively looking for new work) covering a variety of skillsets.

Communication and responsive service are our strengths

We understand that an open, reliable line of communication between our team and yours is a foundational aspect of a successful partnership. We’re great listeners! And with our payroll and invoice processing handled locally, any necessary adjustments are taken care of immediately. You’ll never wait weeks or months for a new invoice.

We can be flexible with our service offerings

We frequently receive praise from our clients regarding our openness to service flexibility – especially when compared to the national firms. We simply don’t have a rigid corporate structure or policies preventing us from making our service offerings work for your unique situations. If you need a different billing schedule, have unique hiring pre-requisites, or anything else out of the ordinary, just ask! We’re happy to discuss.

You’ll be supporting local!

How and where you spend your money matters. By supporting us you’re also supporting your community! We’re just as invested in our local communities as you are. In alignment with our company value of Compassion, we regularly spend time volunteering in our communities. We also invest in non-profit organizations through monetary donations.


Yes, the national agencies have a bigger budget for marketing. But we know that the proof lies in our superior service. We’d love to show you.

If you’re ready to hire – or just thinking about it and want to discuss your options – give us a call and let us show you the value of partnering with a local, full-service staffing solutions agency. Our flexible employment services are designed to fit your specific employment requirements.


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